Follow these simple steps to upload tunes and have the server play them over your stream...

Get an FTP application like this plugin for FireFox.
Create an account in the drop down menu & fill in the form.

Open your local computer's music folder on the "left" side.
Navagate into the "playlist1" folder on your server located on the "right" side which is in your "html" folder.
Highlight and transfer your MP3 file onto the server side by clicking the green aero.

Open your "playlistloader" page and do the following.

1. Click the "PLAYLIST 1" button and notice the song was loaded above it.
2. Click the "START PLAYLIST" button.
3. Fill out the form with your user name and password.
4. Notice your browser now says "OK".
After a brief moment your stream will be playing the new playlist.

That wasn't so bad now was it? If you have any problems or need stream hosting contact JVonD.
He'll be happy to help you.. Enjoy! CONTACT

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